Making our world a local market place,
harvesting the power of technology

Accept local payments, worldwide.

One platform. No barriers.

With Shefapay state of the art technology, developed in house, you can now expand your reach and tap into new markets

Shefapay is a technology provider. We developed the most advanced Payment Gateway technology allowing merchants to easly and simply connect to many acquiring banks world wide

Simple & easy to integrate

Simply integrate all features through our

RESTful API and get features like

  • Single processing platform for all transactions, across all channels and all geographies
  • Acquirer agnostic, PCI certified card tokenization
  • All major languages supported in shopper facing checkout
  • Intelligent fallback management
  • Dynamic 3D Secure rules
  • Customizable payment pages
  • Detailed analysis and reporting
  • Intelligent routing
  • 140+ payment methods
  • Integrated risk tools
  • Webhook system
  • Audit trails
  • Omni-channel payments

Power your growth.

More opportunities.
No compromise.

Convert more sales, reduce operating costs, and seize more local and global payment opportunities thanks to the latest market innovations


Alternative payment methods

Full support for alternative payments including PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and locally-preferred payment methods.


Transactions can be set per payment page in the currency you desire. It is even possible to add this to a payment profile with the currency of your needs.

Flexible settlements

Full transaction visibility from processing to payout execution. Settlement reporting reflects sales, fees and payout.

Dynamic 3D Secure

Create rules in our platform to dynamically route your card transactions to 3D Secure in specific circumstances.

Achieve cross-border growth

Give your customers their preferred payment options

Make buying easier for your customers in different countries by offering them a payment method they prefer. With our global acquiring and connections to over 150 payment methods, we help businesses grow in new markets.


Monitoring & alerts

Configurable alerts based on multiple parameters, triggered by transactional and account activities. Alert notifications are delivered by default with our webhook system.

Dispute Management

Chargeback reports provide a comprehensive overview with the ability to drill down and review specific issues.

Fraud detection & screening

Minimize the loss of  revenue and high operational costs to fraud.

Our fraud detection engine identifies, manages, and prevents suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent activity.

This can reduce fraud with staggering figures and puts you back in control.

Grow with omnichannel commerce

Online, in-store and mobile payments

Give your customers a seamless experience wherever they shop. Shefapay Payments Engine makes it easier for businesses to manage omnichannel payments with hosted payment pages customised to your needs


Intelligent routing

Apply specific rules for your customers and your acquirers.

Shefapay can automatically switch between acquirers based on rules like monthly customer spending, country, payment method or other demographics that your merchant needs.

A potential outcome is a reduction of transaction fees.

Intelligent fallback

If some transactions are not authorized by your preferred acquirer our intelligent fallback management rules will make it possible to automatically retry the authorization of a transaction with another acquirer.

This will improve the conversion rates of your payment pages.

Stay in control

Smart payment processing adapted to your needs

Bring flexibility to your business by partnering with a payments provider who can adapt to your business decisions. With our open approach, you can take advantage of our end to end platform with secure payment processing and also have the option to connect with other payment and risk solution providers.

Payment profiles

This will give you the possibility to add bank accounts for each currency you want to process payments with.

Alert notifications

All merchant onboarding activity can be tracked and reported back to the platform

Unlimited hierarchy

Full transaction visibility from processing to payout execution. Settlement reporting reflects sales, fees and payout.

Customizable payment page

Optimize the customer experience with a completely secure, easy to use, more efficient and seamless working customizable payment page.

Unlimited number of payment pages

Add as much payment pages as you need. Start testing with multiple payment pages or build specific payment pages for specific countries or currencies.

Mobile first

Every payment page is immediately optimized for all devices with mobile devices to start with.

Add your design

Create, modify, and change each payment page in your preferred layout, including background image, colors, language, order of payment methods, etc. .

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