Payment Protection

Eliminate fraud and chargebacks, while growing your business
Fighting fraud in a holistic, scalable way requires automated, real-time decisions at every step in the customer journey.


Increase your top & bottom line
Boost your business’ revenue by improving approval rates, entering new markets, and providing new offerings – all while eliminating fraud and risk.
Focus on business growth
Remove friction and improve the overall customer experience, so you can focus on growing your core business.
Control your approach to fraud
Take control over your fraud prevention strategy so that your team can proactively identify and prevent fraud before it hits.

Payment Fraud Protection

Shefapay protects all of your online transactions from fraud – regardless of payment type – by accurately determining the trustworthiness of every transaction and the user behind it.

Chargeback Guarantee

Shefapay protects you from chargebacks by assuming full chargeback liability, improving your bottom-line.

Chargeback & Claims Resolution

Shefapay enables merchants to streamline claims management and identify dispute opportunities in real-time.

How It Works

1. Accuracy: Shefapay provides industry-leading accuracy, reducing false declines and chargebacks by up to 90%.
2. Decisions in under 1 second: Fraud prevention should be invisible to your valued customers: No more waiting for manual reviews or unnecessary verifications that add friction.
3. An ecosystem of trust: Leverage a global network of the world’s leading merchants. Shared insights proactively immunize against fraud, immediately recognizing over 750 million unique identities.
4. An up-to-date and intelligent system: Shefapay is built on intelligent machine-leading models that are always being updated with critical research by our’s fraud analysts.
5. Actionable decisions: Shefapay provides approve or decline decisions for zero uncertainty. No manual reviews or interpretation of scores necessary.